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Since 1994, we at SECOR have installed hundreds of thousands of energy-saving DALOC security doors throughout Sweden.

Security doors from DALOC mean that all apartments in the property get the same energy-saving living environment with high protection against burglary, the authorities’ requirements for fire resistance, pre-eminent fire gases and noise reduction.

When SECOR’s certified installers install your DALOC door, you get the high burglary protection that gives burglars the toughest possible resistance. At the same time, the value of the property increases, and the apartments become quieter and safer, and the smell from the stairwell stays there.

The main reason for switching to a modern security door is personal security. An ordinary apartment door is often of small construction and therefore does not offer much resistance for those who really want to get in. The door is also often poorly insulated and lets sound, smell, fire and the treacherous fire gases through.

In addition to apartment doors, we can also help you with entrance areas, fire doors, property boxes, locks and fittings.

The fact that the new door also saves money and energy for the property is of course a positive added value for you!

We are located locally near you throughout Sweden, and our certified installers ensure that the doors are installed correctly. An important part of our and Daloc’s corporate philosophy is that we keep what we promise. The right door must be installed at the right time and at the right price.

Another security is that all our installers are covered by Swedish labor market conditions.

Buy your DALOC security door from SECOR who installs it, then you know the door delivers what it promises.

Secure door. Secure installation.


Entréparti i ek

Entréparti i ek

Se Orrestas nya entréparti som är ett stilrent och stabilt utvändigt entréparti för trapphus. Partiet är tillverkat i ek, vilket ger lång livslängd och en varm träkänsla.

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