Grundels Fönstersystem AB

Grundels Fönstersystem AB

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Do not change windows – Upgrade instead.
For the indoor- and the outdoor environment

For 32 years we have upgraded more than 650 000 windows. Windows that otherwise would have been replaced by new and thrown away as waste. There is now a smarter option to window replacement that reduce energy consumption, noise from the outside and eliminates cold or warm drafts. We upgrade your existing double-glass window with a site-built ClimateGlass. The result is a three-glass window, heurmetical sealed with the same insulating properties as a new window. But up to 70% lower cost compared to a new window. Our unique installation is fast and smooth and all done from the inside. All you have to do is move the couch or desk a bit away from the window. As mentioned – a smarter option.




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